Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gift wrapped glam earrings

gift wrapped glam earrings, originally uploaded by ssandeelee.

My variation of the gift wrapped glam bracelet turned int earrings!!

Gift wrapped glam bracelet

gift wrapped glam bracelet, originally uploaded by ssandeelee.

simple yet stunning bracelet from the
February 2012 Bead and Button - with some changes ( of course) - I used cubes ( 2mm) instead of size 10 cylinder beads, 4mm bicones instead of the 3mm and made my own clasp based on the component rather than using the toggle as suggested.

Supernova necklace

Supernova necklace, originally uploaded by ssandeelee.

A variation of the supernova necklace in the February 2012 Bead and Button - I used smaller rivolis and a smaller square pendant - then scaled back everything to look right!!

Vintage earrings

vintage earrings, originally uploaded by ssandeelee.

I love these earrings - my own design - took me the better part of a week to complete because I kept unpicking and restarting!! These will match with heapws of my necklaces and outfits !!

zig zag scallops necklace

zig zag scallops necklace, originally uploaded by ssandeelee.

Finally finished this necklace - well ok - finished it over a week ago but I find photographing and then blogging about it a challenge!! it is the Zig zag scallops necklace from the Dec 2011 Bead and button. Thsi was our challenge last month at the Brisbane beading meet :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kuler -Quite obsessed with this website at the moment - I love making all of the different color combinations/themes - great for inspiration for beading designs - to get you out of your color rut!! but I am hoping to use it for color combinations for polymer clay and mixing colors - in the meantime have made lots of faves....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quienlodira Creaciones: Esquema Media Bola

Quienlodira Creaciones: Esquema Media Bola: Un conjunto elegante, pero informal. Un saludo Gracias por estar ahí.

translated - Quienlodira Creations: an elegant but informal set, a greeting, Thanks to be there...well loosley translated :)

Great free tutorial :)

Even though it is in Spanish, the drawings are clear and with a little patience could be worked out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eva Maria Keiser Designs: Tutorial Tuesday: Beaded Snowflake

Eva Maria Keiser Designs: Tutorial Tuesday: Beaded Snowflake: Learn More about Snowflakes: Link to Beadanimation:

this is a really good tutorial for snowflakes - I must remember this for next Christmas as I am going to buy a bigger tree and will need lots more decorations :)

Easy Nutella Brownie Cups

Well I don't normally blog about food but I stumbled across this recipe and felt I had to share!!

Easy Nutella Brownie Cups



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