Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Mood Board - fuschia and red

OK, inspiration strikes - want jewelery - need jewelry - want it to be made of Polymer clay...... so create a mood board/inspiration board - this should get the creative juices flowing :)
I will let you know what I come up with :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fleur Necklace

This was my project last week :)

As the color of the moment is coral, I wanted a white and coral necklace to match my summer outfits.

I found a free pattern on Beads Magic -

I had a few problems with the pic thought - couldn't work out how many beads were in each flower - so I did a bit of a chart to assist - if you use this in conjunction with the pattern on beads magic, you should have no issues :)

Fleur necklace

fleur necklace

Crystal Mountain Bracelet

Don't you just love Tilas!  Their square shape was just begging for some 3D bead work so this is what I came up with :)

Have had requests for a pattern so ....I just might :)

Very hard to get a good photo thought....

crystal mountains bracelet
crystal mountains bracelet

Friday, October 5, 2012


Have finally finished my botanica series - well almost anyhow - still have one piece to string together BUT - here are the results .

I am very happy with them, 2 have sold already - they are all made of kato polymer clay.

see the wok in progress first, then the results.....
mood board
mood board
the mixed colours
the skinner blends
skinner blends
the canes
kaleidoscope canes
The jewelry
Sandee's pendant 006 (2)
wings earrings
tribal spikes necklace
starflower 1 (hollow)
spikes necklace
petals earrings
botanica ring
drip earrings
botanica pendants
botanica pendants 3
botanica pendants 2
botanica pendants 1
botanica pendant2
botanica pendant1
botanica pendant
botanica earrings4
botanica earrings3
botanica earrings1
botanica earrings
botanica 2 necklace
botanica 1 necklace

a beady week away

ok, so I've been a bad blogger - guess I am going to have to accept it may be a while between posts - anyhow - finally got around to uploading pics of my week away with the girls - a week in which we beaded ate and drank - heaven!!  see what I made :)
wirework pendant
wirework bracelet
rivoli pendant
ring and earrings
haskell inspired necklace close up
haskell inspired necklace
flying brass
dappled heart necklace
blue winged heart necklace


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