Monday, June 8, 2009

new work and work in progress

oh cr@p, just deleted my post, have a sore shoulder and have tried swapping over my mousing side and now I feel like a complete gumby....

Think my shoulder is a combo of beaders shoulder and too much mousing - was working on the puffy love tutorial last week and it took me over 13 hours -

So this weekend, I thought Iwould give it a bit of a rest and didn't bead for one whole day - I also stried to stay away from the computer. Today I did some work on my fishy necklace, no picture yet and this beutiful little flower out of delicas, originally I tried the pattern in brick stitch, but it is so slow to do....that I thought I would give it a go in peyote, so with some adjustments - wahla....I love it !! So I am in the middle of making more in different sizes, think I will make them into a necklace....

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