Monday, January 28, 2013

Camp Creative 2013

Well Camp is over for another year....Sadly - it is always such a great week away with my firiends, eating, drinking, crafting.....
This year was especially good!  I was lucky enough to do the found object jewelry course with the fabulous Keith Lo Bue.. Amazing artist and amazing teacher. 

If you ever get the chance to do one of his classes - snap at the chance - it really opens your mind and pushes the boundries.  I learn't heaps, and I thought I knew quite a lot since I had been making jewelry for quite a while and had dabbled in may mediums..... particular defining moment of handmade rivets..... life will never be the same again.  All items are now looked at differently, before trowing ems out, they are considered for jewelry... I am constantly picking things up as I walk around and putting them in my pocket - ok, I might be a little obsessed..... but wait to you see my work!! 

Bleow is a Pic of Kieth - expressive as always :)

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